Japonica is an eco hair salon in Brighton which uses Davines hair care products. Davines’ products are natural, sustainable, animal-friendly, and produce amazing results. Industry-leading hair colourist Armandine Gaulin is here to give us the low-down…

I’ve worked in a lot of salons with a lot of different hair care brands and products in my career as a colourist and stylist. By far my favourite products to work with are the Davines hair care products, which we use at Japonica. Because of this, we believe that Japonica is the most eco-friendly hair salon in Brighton.

People don’t necessarily know the Davines brand. Many of our clients are more familiar with other, more well-known natural brands. But in my experience, Davines not only offers far better products but it’s also more ethical.

Davines and Japonica: natural products for an eco hair salon

Davines hair care products are better for the environment than other brands because they are natural, sustainable, and made without animal testing. They are fair trade, and contain no PPD. Davines products are extremely kind to your hair, your skin and the environment.

We used Davines' natural and sustainable hair products to create the striking pink her client wantedThey also produce really, really gorgeous results. We recently had a client named Rum, who wanted her hair dyed bright pink, and the result was jaw-dropping. And the product is equally suitable for clients who want a more subtle, natural look. It’s just incredibly versatile.

Davines is a family-owned company, based in Italy, that operates with extremely high ethics. They source their Ingredients ethically and use only sustainable energies to power their factories. With salons in 90 countries, Davines is big enough to be trustworthy and reputable, but not too big to be soulless. They can trace the ingredients used in their products back to local farms, which the so-called natural big name brands would struggle to do. The Davines team apply scientific rigor to every product to guarantee clients’ safety.

I’m writing this blog because I genuinely love Davines and I want to spread the word that we only use Davines products in Japonica.

Many people in Brighton support businesses that use eco-friendly products because they understand and embrace natural living. Japonica is a truly eco-friendly hair salon, and one of the only salons in Brighton that use Davines products.

For more information on Davines products visit: davines.com/en/home/